Herbal Soap/ skincare

Lavender gets its name from the Latin, lavare, to wash, and making soap and other skincare products is one of our favorite things to do with all of the lovely, medicinal herbs that we have growing here at Lavender Haus.

Botanicals for diy

As much as we love to create, there's no way that we can use all these lovely herbs by ourselves, so we're making dried herbs available in our shop for other makers to experiment with in their own DIY projects.

native plants

The driving force behind Lavender Haus is our passion for the land. It never ceases to amaze us how many medicinal and useful herbs are growing naturally right here under our feet, but there are many medicinal herbs that are slowly disappearing from their natural habitats. We're repopulating our woods with native, endangered species and we hope you will too.

Our Little Plant Dreams

All of the herbs that we sell and use in our products are grown right here at Lavender Haus. For us, that's what it's all about, taking notice and making use of the plants we can grow ourselves. We love learning the little known & forgotten uses of the native flora, bringing back wild endangered medicinals to the natural environment, & cultivating as many valuable medicinals as will grow in this region of the world. We enjoy experimenting with plants not typically grown in Michigan, as well, which we think is an important factor in adapting to our rapidly changing environment. Of course, this is always done responsibly, making careful decisions to prevent the introduction of invasive species.



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